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What are Hemorrhoids?


Hemorrhoid Procedures


What are Hemorrhoids?

What are Hemorrhoids

First, let us start be saying that hemorrhoids are very common, and will affect most people in their life at some time.  Did you know that everyone has hemorrhoids?  One just don’t realize it until hemorrhoids become swollen, inflamed or painful.  Hemorrhoids are simply swollen veins or tissues in or around you anus and lower rectum.  Hemorrhoids can worsen over time so we recommend addressing the issue immediately. There are different forms of hemorrhoids; internal, external, prolapsed internal, and thrombosed external hemorrhoids. 

Internal Hemorrhoids
These types of hemorrhoids can occur out of sight, inside the rectum and up the anal canal. These are usually a very mild form of hemorrhoid and rarely cause discomfort. Straining during a bowel movement when passing stool can irritate and damage the surface of a hemorrhoid often causing them to bleed. This is the most common symptom and can be irritating and discomforting. In general you may see blood spots on tissue paper when wiping, or even a few drops in the toilet bowl. Once an internal hemorrhoid protrudes it can collect microscopic stool particles and this may cause an itchy feeling, but excessively wiping to relieve the itch can actually worsen the problem.


External Hemorrhoids
These types of hemorrhoids are under the skin around your anus. They typically appear blue in color and they stretch out the external skin to create blood clots that when dissolved, can leave skin tags. Often times they become inflamed and very painful. They too may begin to itch or bleed.  This discomfort and pain can come on suddenly.


Thrombosed Hemorrhoids
These are a form of external hemorrhoids that are filled with blood clots and  are extremely painful.  You may notice swollen lumps on the outside of your anus that are very tender.  They are not usually considered dangerous, and may even heal themselves, but very painful nonetheless. 

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There are many treatment options available to help with your hemorrhoids.  Don’t stay in pain another minute. Call us today at (858)298-3393.

Symptoms and Causes of Hemorrhoids

Light bleeding – usually painless while passing stool and can be caused from low fiber or straining too hard with constipation. Oftentimes they cause itching, pain, and irritation with inflammation in the anal area. Lumps may form outside the anus causing swelling. This typically represents a thrombosed hemorrhoid which is a clot in the hemorrhoid vein.

Those who tend to sit on the toilet for long periods of time along with straining during a bowel movement are predisposed to the development of hemorrhoids. Heavy weight lifting and pregnancy can easily develop hemorrhoids. Anal intercourse, low fiber diets, constipation, and even obesity can cause hemorrhoids.

If your hemorrhoids become very painful, this is often a sign that blood clots (also known as thrombosis), have formed inside the hemorrhoid from clotting of blood. In the event you are experiencing signs or symptoms of hemorrhoids, avoid excessive wiping, especially with dry toilet paper, and if available, use a moist towelette instead.

Treatment for Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoid treatments in San Diego

THD Doppler Hemorrhoid System — Best procedure available!  Fast recovery, less pain, lasting results.  No cutting or removal of tissue.   The accuracy of the Doppler ultrasound locates the feeding blood supply to the hemorrhoidal veins and eliminates the hemorrhoids.  The surgeon will use absorbable sutures that don’t have to be removed getting you back to your normal activities quickly with minimal post-operative discomfort.  This procedure is done as an outpatient, same day service.  Hospitalization is not required.

Recovery is quick, typically just a few days.  THD is the ultimate procedure for the elimination of hemorrhoid systems; i.e. Bleeding, pain, itchy and protrusion of tissue outside the anus.

Treatment ranges from at-home remedies to seeking medical care. A diet with good amounts of fiber, taking warm bathes (called Sitz baths), and even using a topical cream from over the counter can improve your situation in many cases. If large hemorrhoids have formed and they are reoccurring, painful and inflamed, surgical treatment if often recommended.

 When seeing a doctor, it is important to examine the anal area to confirm hemorrhoids and to rule out more serious anal-rectal issues and diseases or even cancer.

Hemorrhoid treatments

There are many procedures that can be done for hemorrhoids; both non-surgical and surgical including Hemorrhoidectomy, Rubber banding, Hemorrhoidal Arterial Ligation (HAL), Laser treatment, and harmonic scalpel. After your examination, your doctor will choose the best option for you. Some of these procedures can be done in the office. Call our staff today and we will answer any questions you have at (858)449-9424.

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Not only will our doctors treat your existing conditions, we also will work with you to prevent future hemorrhoids from occurring and educate you on the best diets to follow and tasks to avoid. We strive to help you improve your quality of life, achieve your wellness goals, and heal your body so that you can live your best life possible.  No one deserves to live a life in pain and we are here to help.  Call to schedule your appointment today … (858) 298-3393.
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